Friday, October 22, 2010

Dinosaur Costume

After some breakfast chats, it was decided that Calvin wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween. (Dinosaur or Gnome...tough decision!) Since Calvin can be a little prickly about wearing things on the spot and about wearing things on his head, I had to have something that was really just regular clothes. This did the trick! I am happy to report I had all of these materials on hand, and didn't buy anything (take that $35 Target Dinosaur Costume!)
The dino spikes down the back were made from stiff felt and sewn so they'd stand up. The little plate was then hot-glued to the shirt. The tail was done in the same fashion and just safety pinned to the pants. The belly part was just felt and hot glue. Pretty simple but still cute.
And in true fashion, he did NOT want to wear it to a carnival last weekend. In a true "mother" moment, I made him (!) and I'm happy to report he was pleased as punch over his garb as soon as he got inside (which was what I was predicting as my husband stood aside and rolled his eyes at me!)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Just a sampling of bibs I've been making of late. I am way behind on all baby gifts, but some good friends are getting these and some of these are for orders. This is my favorite baby gift, I think; it's tried and true, for sure! Flannel makes the front cute and absorbent, and they are backed with denim and finished with a snap.
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