Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Baking

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays (but not in the cliche way, I promise).  I just really like all the cute, sweet things you can make for this holiday, and, I like doing something for my child and making it a special day for him.  Valentine's Day also lends itself to two of my most favorite things: sugar cookies and garlands! (What's better, exactly?) My post is late, which is a sign of what all is going on in our household of late.  We are moving to a bigger house (yahoooo!) and our current house is in a tailspin of being packed, cleaned out, and prepared.  All that to say, there are great Valentine garland tutorials online for the crocheted garland pictured below. One is here and one is here, and both are super easy to learn and follow! 

These Valentine suckers are really super cute in person. I was impressed.  Got the idea here (and also in this month's Family Fun Magazine). I made 6 and only had two successes, but, I was tired and I don't ever work with candy. Now that I've tried some and know how the candy behaves, I'll be better equipped next year. It's hard to try new things when you are tired, as I'm sure you know!

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