Monday, December 27, 2010

Car Garage

Made from a cereal box and toilet paper rolls, this has been a fun little toy for us this week. I've had the supplies to make this for, hmmm, over 2 months? But I only just sat down and glued it together right before Christmas. The TP rolls are covered in craft paper and all parts were hot glued.

One interesting observation (from my house): I really like to set up little play areas and arrange things in a way that is creatively appealing. When I first set this toy out, I did not do this; I just put it on the living room rug and it didn't get much attention. Then, my son moved it to a little toy chest in his room, and that is where it has been ever since. Since he moved it, I've seen cars arranged on it daily, cars on the window seal, cars on the air vents . . . so cute, he set up this little play area all on his own. But I think it is a good reminder that a cluttered environment can be hard to play in (especially if your child leans toward the tidy side). This toy has now lasted a lot longer than expected, and, since it was free and took 10 minutes, that makes me happy!
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