Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Burlap Door Hanger

I have recently developed an affinity for front door decorating - though I've really never liked wreaths. That's possibly attributable to working at Michael's in college and selling a million of the circular stick variety and seeing soooo many old ladies purchase ones with the broken faux flowers we swept up at night glued on.

When door hangers came out, I thought, "now there is something I'd buy." And then I actually went and priced them and got weak in the knees that they were WELL over my "acceptable" price range. 

So my heart door wreath is made of burlap I already owned, red spray paint I already owned, hot glue, and plastic trash bags from Kroger. Seriously?  WOW!  I cut out a heart, sprayed both sides with a few red coats (sprayed the front side the most), hot glued it except for an opening, stuffed it, and voila!  Now, truth be told, if you get really, really close to it, you can see the difference between mine and one from Hallmark.  Theirs tend to be super saturated in colors, however, I think that is just how many coats of paint you use.  But $50 is still in my pocket and that is all there is to say about that!

Next on the door decorating list: cupcake!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waldo's been found

Some evenings are easy and most are hard. I'm trying to figure out what makes the easy ones easy...moods of the parents? (uh hum, the Mama?) Whether the child has had a good nap?  What we had for dinner?  Who knows. Slowing down, trying to do less, trying to be more intentional - those are a few of my goals for coming home from work. When all that happens, I'm able to catch more moments like this one - which is one I don't ever want to forget. 

All too often, I'm the one rushing, demanding, (ordering?), frustrating.  I'm the one asking too much of a little guy who is just glad to be home all together.   This Waldo picture occurred while bath water was running, phones were ringing, and I was watching the clock for how late it was getting.  But I'm so glad I stepped back for a second and took the time to interact - to promise to make him a red and white striped shirt - and to laugh at Waldo finally being found.
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