Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mail Center

I've been trying to create a little mail center with one goal in mind: keeping mail off the counters.  Having a lot on the counters increases my stress level - for real.  I try to be flexible and, a lot of times, I am the very person who puts things there, but I love to walk into a kitchen that is clean and tidy and ready for a new project.  I can get a little up-in-arms when I come into a kitchen that has to be cleaned and reorganized before the baking can commence.

My bulletin board was made with a yard sale frame (spray painted) and cork tiles from target for $5.  you can duct tape the tiles together, fit to cut your frame, and then cover in fabric.  Being the bunting fan that I am, I sewed some decorative buntings on this one (getting a little crooked on that 2nd row, oh well.)  I use this for things I need to see or refer to, trying to keep a bit off the fridge. 

The long mail slot is magnetic and very clever, I think.  I got it from See Jane Work, a site with all manner of cute office stuff.  I would like the incoming mail to go there, as well as outgoing mail, with the goal of sorting and getting out of sight a.s.a.p.  This is a work in progress for our family, but we will keep trying!

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