Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A memory & a book

Parenting brings so many observations; some are simple and some, not so much.  A simple one is how a child can reignite joy for an activity that you view as...hmm, just something not high on your list to "go & do."  Like bowling.  Sure, it's fun - like, when you're 10.  I'm not much of a bowler but I'm glad people like it; I had several bowling birthdays as a child.  But as an adult, bowling alleys are gross.  Germ filled.  Other people's toe jam.  Eeek.  Until we took Calvin one night out of desperation for a new activity.  Joy filled is really the only way to describe his response.

And now I view bowling as a legitimately fun family outing.  Like I even suggested it the other day. As I helped Calvin put on his special shoes, size 10 lil' kids, I almost broken into tears.  Look at those feet.  I remember those tiny baby feet that used to wear puppy dog moccasin shoes.  I remember a new walker refusing to wear any shoes.  I remember a 3 year old's meltdown in Target over trying on a pair of flip flops - relieved that this past June, he eagerly tried on a pair and even thought they'd be "a good idea for the pool."  We are now in light-up Spiderman shoes and size 10 bowling shoes. How time flies and how it will continue to.  I don't ever want to forget how big these shoes look now & how small they'll look a few years from now. 

So this book came across my path in a special way, one I won't get into, but it was neat.  And it is just the book I needed.  It is about being present and calm.  About choosing peace and offering peace.  About listening to the heart of your child, truly listening, and then responding in a better way.  It's about compassion and perspective.  How to be the parent you want to be; how to be better.  I'm grateful to notice a precious pair of size 10 bowling shoes & I'm grateful for a book that teaches me to be a peace-filled and compassion-filled mom.

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