Monday, September 24, 2012

Mousie's Birthday

One day early in the year, quite out of the blue, Calvin announced Mousie's birthday was September 4th.  He requested that I be sure to write in on the fridge calendar.  As I flipped that calendar over when September came, I saw September 4th and thought, "hmmm...a party for Mousie!" 

Funny thing about that mouse.  He disappears for long stretches of time - off on his mouse adventures, certainly. So he was missing on his birthday.  Fortunately, he returned to us and we were able to celebrate on the 7th.  Cake, party hats, & a present were all in order.

Celebrating Mousie's birthday turned out to be such fun.  It wasn't something that was planned but just a cute little idea that presented itself.  A sweet idea, too, for remembering a little creature who is quite important to our family. And perhaps even a way to honor Calvin's childhood - I doubt a 15 year old would get too giddy over a mouse birthday party, afterall.  But a 4 year old? Absolutely.

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