Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morning routine

Nutella toast is a favorite breakfast these days.  The first time I presented Nutella I was met with a strong "No, I don't want to try that."  He finally tried it and fell in love.  Since then, I use my "Nutella example" to urge him towards new foods.  Sometimes this works.

The routine of morning can be so difficult.  Some mornings just go wrong.  I have been in my closet - 10 minutes AFTER we should have left - with an outfit crisis of my own and a child who says his socks feel bumpy and he may need to change.  Mornings like that I just wish that a working mom could have a time freeze card.  Freeze.  Collect.  Regroup.  Change socks.  Okay, unfreeze, we are ready now.

Then there are other mornings when we really roll like clockwork. {thank heaven} Those mornings sort of shore me up and encourage me for the next one that may go very wrong.  But moments at breakfast, where we are sitting at the table, together - talking, reading, watching the woodpeckers, those short moments of still and routine are vital to me.  The effort of gathering, slowing a bit, waking up, being together. 

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