Thursday, January 17, 2013

The view from Christmas

 In a twist that I've never experienced before, we had a white Christmas.  Sleet began on Christmas day and snow began on Christmas night.  I still can't believe this photo of our neighborhood street.  Goodness.

It was all fun and games {drum roll} and then the power went out!  And stayed out! For 3 days! I do not mean to complain - we had it far better than so, so many people.  Our fireplace kept us warm and worked so hard for us.  We have a gas stove and Jason is such a skilled cook.  Many people had such a harder time.

After regaining power on Friday, I got a jolt of perspective when I opened the paper that morning and saw that Our House, a local shelter for the working homeless, lost freezers and refrigerators full of holiday food donations. A month's worth of meals gone in a few days.  Other people had sick children at home, newborn babies at home, or ailing parents.  At those moments you catch your breath to think how very fortunate you are at this moment in time.

When the power goes out, neighbors come out.  We had some neighborhood fun.  We chatted, shared, offered things, traded things, gave things.  Sort of makes you wonder why it takes so much to get people connected.  The holiday had its lessons, I think.  Lessons of thankfulness, adaptability, community.  It was a good Christmas. 

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